Affirm Relaxer

Every woman is trying to get their hair look nice, to take care of it make their doing it for life time, but sometimes they do not realize instead making it better but it make their hair worse. Almost everything are they do to treat their hair such as oiling, waving and wrapping, pressing, ironing to flat it, pulling, tugging and whatever it is.

To put a hair relaxer is one of the treatments, but for your information, don’t put the wrong type hair relaxer to the any hair types because every type of hair respond to it differently. Straight hair would take a different relaxer than a curly hair. Thin hair will take little more relaxers than thick hair and to complete the process will take longer time as well.

The quantity of relaxer to put is also different between long hair and short hair. The ingredients in relaxers are different depend on the types of the hair relaxer. The hair relaxer ingredients for teenagers are more rigorous than hair relaxer ingredient for children.

For some cases adult woman use the same token with them, they would prefer to use relaxer with milder ingredients for her delicate or very soft and thinning hair. Therefore they are not hard as they once were because most of them don’t come without lye. If you need no lye hair relaxer then Affirm Relaxer Kit 4 Applications is the best natural affirm product you. All hair textures can be relaxed with this product including a color treated hair.

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